Features Of a Good e-commerce Website

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The process of designing and developing an e-commerce website can be a daunting one. It is a process that is faced with unique challenges. These sites are meant for selling the products. The sales made can be used in determining whether a website is successful or not. Many factors determine the success of e-commerce sites. Identifying and understanding the areas of weakness and strength will help you in developing a good site. Outlined here below are the outstanding features of well-designed e-commerce sites.

Ease of navigation

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The customer should easily find the products that he or she is looking for. The ease of navigation is something very critical when it comes to e-commerce sites. It is also imperative to any website. You might end up losing some sales by losing customers. This means that you should make an effort of developing sites having clear navigation. Sufficient user testing can greatly help you in identifying the navigation issues facing your customers.

Its design should not overpower your products

These sites should focus more on the available products. Having an extravagant design will draw the customer’s attention away from your product. Always try to make your design as simple as possible. This will ensure that your products and site do not compete for the visitors’ attention.

Easy checkout

The user’s experience on these sites is very crucial to success. A checkout process having too many steps might confuse the shoppers. This can force them to abandon their cars without purchasing any item. Ideally, the check out process should involve very few steps, and it should be easy for shoppers.

Promotes related products

A successful e-commerce store is helpful in promoting other related items. It should promote those products that your customers are interested in. The listed products can also be used in promoting other items added to your cart. Such products should be shown and listed on the item detail pages. Websites that promote the right products have been found to be very successful.

Accurate, effective product photos

product photo

Physical stores are very different from the online ones. When it comes to online sales, the customers cannot see or touch your product before making a purchasing decision. This means that you should provide quality photos that portray your products accurately. This will help in overcoming this challenge. This will also enable shoppers to make their purchase decision easier.


The brand mainly influences most of the decisions made by shoppers. Establishing strong brands is important for both offline and online selling. The e-commerce websites should well-designed to ensure that it is working well with the other branding efforts.


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Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing Strategies

email marketing

Email marketing is widely used in the modern days as means of reaching customers. In fact, it has been proven to be an effective channel for retaining customers. Any business that does not have effective email marketing strategies will always face challenges in engaging and reaching subscribers. Outlined here below are some of the proven techniques that you need to adopt.

Avoid personalizing your emails

You are advised to avoid using emails that have been personalized with recipient’s names as this might work against you. With the use of the internet, the number of cases associated with credit card fraud, identify theft  have greatly increased. Many people have now become more suspicious of emails having personal messages such as greetings. However, there is a good way of personalizing your messages. For instance, you can implement the following

  • Tracking and keeping the customer’s records for needs and purchases
  • Tracking email campaigns as well as creating records for each
  • Personalizing their emails using information and data based on their needs and data

Working on the subject lines

Avoid using subject lines having many characters. Subject lines having more than 70 characters can decrease the email open rate or clickthroughs. Again, subject lines having very few characters shave a low open rate. The following are some of the tips that you need to follow when creating email subject lines.

  • Tracking all the data on email campaigns
  • Developing a hypothesis for testing
  • Preparing test subject lines

Watching over your send times

email sending

Get to know the best time for sending emails. Your data can help you in creating a good hypothesis and testing it out. The best time for sending emails is from 8 pm up to midnight. In fact, this is the best time for sales and click-throughs. Email campaigns are also known for doing well during weekends as compared to weekdays. Testing is the best method for determining the best days and times that you should deploy email marketing campaigns.

Giving away something

It has been found that tools and templates are the main forms of emails content that have the highest clicks and open rates. Giving something for free is helpful in reducing the friction involved whenever you are engaging your audience. Using giveaways or contests is the best way to increasing email opens and email leads. Which are best ways of doing this?

  • Testing different offers: This will help you in finding out the product which gains the most subscriptions and opens
  • Creating landing pages for all the special offers
  • Developing multiple emails based on the audience’s interests in various products



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