Different Types of Digital Marketing


In the last two decades, there has been an explosive growth in the technology industry, which has resulted in the improvement, and many other changes in many fields like the digital marketing. When you are choosing a digital marketing company, you need to know that there is a variety in the industry with different shapes and sizes just like any other businesses, for example, Edmonton Marketing Company.

However, in the early days, digital marketing was being limited to the banner ad replacement, but since then, it has grown significantly. There are many different types of digital marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

working on laptopThis is a type of digital marketing that involved the process of growing your online visibility or getting traffic from the organic or natural results on the search engines. This is done where the search engine decides to show a certain website depending on the keyword that is mentioned on that website.

The SEO uses the key phrase that is mentioned so that it can refer to the website if only the key phrase is contained in the content of the website. SEO helps businesses to be discovered by its customers when they type in the keyword that is on the website of that business.

Social media marketing

This is a popular means of digital marketing, which involves sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Business uses these social media to link and connect with their target customers. Businesses use a certain site depending on the preference of their customers. The benefits of this social media affect various groups directly.

For instance, LinkedIn is beneficial to B2B businesses while the B2C businesses can use a wide range of social media platforms to market their products. The businesses can interact with their customers on social media to gain valuable customers and therefore improve their customer service and products.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing utilizes the part where the SEO ignore. This category pays for traffic that appears on the user’s window when he or she is browsing. With SEM, you purchase space for the advertisement that will appear on the users’ window.

The marketer is charged by the search engine depending on the number of advertisements to display which are generated by a certain keyword or phrases contained in the advertisement content. Each time the marketer’s advertisement is clicked, they are charged a certain amount.

Affiliate marketing

This is common to most businesses. It is a process of paying for conversions where the affiliate earns a commission. It is as if you are hiring a salesperson for your product. When you advertise with affiliate marketing, the advertiser does not pay for the traffic, the conversions are only paid for. the limitation with this method is that the advertiser is only paid for the conversions. However, the rates are usually higher.

Email marketing

guy and envelopeThis is where the company sends update emails to the subscribed users to build a relationship. The email is sent once there are updates on the company’s products on a regular basis.

Unlike other types of digital marketing, email marketing fosters a relationship between the company and the customers.